Monday, June 13, 2011

A New Directory

We are so pleased to introduce this new Blog Directory. The Pregnancy and Infant Loss Blog Directory is a place for anyone who feels like they should be here. We are not here to say if you belong or not. If you think you belong here, so do we.
Our hope for this directory and blog is that it is a place to assist in the healing process. Healing can come from writing as well as reading.
This is a new project and we are open to suggestions. This is a work in progress and any suggestions. We want this to be a place of comfort and healing. So please feel free to submit your blog to be added, make suggestions or just leave a comment.

One other plan we have for this blog directory is to remember our children. Each week we will post an in remembrance post for all the children that were born during that week.


  1. Can I request that you add a section for neonatal loss? My babe died 36 hours after his birth, due to complications from L&D, but none of the categories seem to fit quite right. Thanks.

  2. It looks wonderful and I am sure you will be helping so many woman/families with all of this information. Will you be having a button that I can put on my blog?